Disney Classics: A Tribute

COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the material used in this video. All material belongs to their respective owners. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use”, including non-profit, educational or personal. This is purely a fan video. No copyright infringement intended. THIS IS NOT A TRIBUTE TO PIXAR: DISNEY CLASSICS ONLY. A couple of months ago I reached 1000 subscribers. To show my gratitude, to each and every one of you who have taken the time to view, or comment or rate my videos, and ofcourse subscribe to my channel, I have made this tribute to Disney Classics… starting with the places we dream of, the villains we’ll never forget, the first time our heroes see our heroines, the romances we wish we’ll one day have, and the endless moments we’ll cherish forever. Disney have churned out a galaxy of beautiful films that shine like stars in mine, and many people across the globe’s childhood. It is these films that sparked my interest in how movies are made, and the magic that miraculously happens onscreen. I would like to thank Disney for these movies: the animators, the composers… everyone who worked on the films in this little video, I am forever grateful for the wonder and laughs I watched onscreen as child. Even today, with the awesome effects that we saw a year ago in Avatar, these films have not lost their magic, entertainment or value. They are classics: the benchmark for every film that comes to

Katherine Pierce/Katerina Petrova from The Vampire Diaries (includes 2×09 Katerina spoilers!)DISCLAIMER: ANY VIDEOS NOT UPLOADED ON THIS CHANNEL (GlitteryRockstar) OR MY BACK-UP CHANNEL (xGlitteryRockstarx), ARE NOT ME! Any similar usernames created after mine are NOT ME! Don’t be misled! **Please do not STEAL my vids or COPY my editing!** I’ve mentioned this to you guys before, and I have to say it again, I love TVD’s flashback epis SO MUCH!! I am so glad we’re learning more about the real Katherine, or should I say Katerina? Nina did an outstanding job portraying all the emotions Katerina went through! It was heartbreaking to see Katerina’s struggle and to see her lose her family! At the same time, we saw how much of a survivor Katherine is, being on the run from Klaus (the Original vampire) for over 500 years! I can understand why she’s had to look out for herself. I really hope we see more flashbacks this season! So I wanted to make a vid about how Katerina Petrova evolved into Katherine Pierce. She’s gone through so much and has had to rely on herself to survive. Even if everyone in Mystic Falls think Katherine is dead and gone, I still think there’s some humanity left inside of her, especially after seeing Katherine tear up when she saw a picture of her and her family. I hope the Katherine fans enjoy the vid! =D Nina Dobrev as Katherine Pierce, Katerina Petrova, and Elena Gilbert Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore Fandom: The Vampire Diaries VOICE-OVERS: (From 1:07-1
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Easily the best video on Youtube and just like like Balt21Raven said, you are indeed a brilliant person. You should get an award for this.

  2. I must say you did a FABULOUS job! I edit videos at my church and do AMV editing for fun, and I can tell a good AMV when I see one! You chose just the right clips to match the emotions of the music. Bravo! An excellent tribute to Disney! :D

  3. You just got a new suscriber! I like your videos very much… all the classic Hollywood actors, movies, music. It’s just wonderful. Please, don’t stop making videos.

  4. She doesn’t provoke death/misery, sometimes she stirs up trouble but that’s different. She’s saved and helped both Damon and Stefan plenty of times or at least tried to but they tend not to tell her their plans -.-. She does what she does to protect herself she’s had to do that even before she was a vampire it’s like second nature to her.. She’s not wicked she doesnt kill for the sake of it or out of boredom like Klaus. And She’s really starting to help people a lot more now. Love Katherine <3

  5. Katherine’s Amazing she’s been through lots and she’s definately not wicked. So she played with Damon and Stefan, she did love one of them and she did care for Damon too. She was just having fun. She never betrayed Pearl. And if you noticed she apoligized for sending Jenna. It was either herself or Jenna come on most people would chose their selves to save.

  6. don’t agree with you. Katherine was loved by many people but because of her wickedness she lost them one by one. First she played with Damon and Stefan that loved her truly and took their humanity. Then she betrayed her friend pearl and her girl without any scruple. And she sent Jenna to Klaus. Everyone is suffering around her and she only provokes death and misery. Ok she lost her family but i think that she would have been ready to sacrifice them to save her life.

  7. I think kathereine needs to be with stefan, if they’ll be together again that will make katherine way happy than she is now, i think that all she wants is to be with stefan again. Damon and elena needs each other becouse he brings out the fun in her and she brings out his humanity… but then again this is only my opinion.

  8. I love Katherine. She’s been through so much, anyone would be messed up. She had to give up her child right away, her own family banished her, she fell for Klaus who tried to sacrifice her, so she became selfish for survival & distrusting. She killed herself for safety, and she came home from running to her DEAD family. Then, years later she sees she’s been replaced by Elena to Stefan, one of the few people she actually began to care for. Yes, she’s a bitch, but who wouldn’t be after all that?

  9. i love it, like elena was saying in this past episode, that she wanted to have a chance to grow up, which is something katherine never got to do.

  10. Katerina Petrova is a bitch. She’s a manipulative selfish bitch. But she is for a reason. You don’t become a slut because you were born like a slut. Her own father has denied her. She tried to save herself without thinking and I think that’s why now she is like that. She wants to save herself because she can’t trust anyone. And she’s right. She trusted one single person and her whole universe collapsed. She trusted one single person and her whole family is dead. Great job, I love this video!

  11. In a way I feel like Katherine was just like Elena when she was young, the diffrence is that Elena has people that can help and back her up now that Klaus is coming for her. Katherine was completly alone when this happen to her and she did what she had to to survive. I think what made her heart so hard was seeing her family die like that…
    People say she is a bitch and yes maybe she is, but I respect her for it!!!

  12. I kind of agree, too. Okay, she`s a psycho, but that`s exciting
    (for the storyline :D ). And I also think, she has a good heart. There were just
    many bad things happening to her and she has been alone with all that pain
    for like 500 years (or sth like that). Thats tough…

  13. Me too! She’s just so amazing and fascinating! I loved that epi too! I’m so happy you liked my vid and song choice! Thanks very much!! =D

  14. Katherine is my favorite character ever, she has so many levels, everytime I think I figured her out, I discover something else.
    And Katerina was the best episode of TVD so far <3
    Great vid, love the song

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